SafeObject® takes team
safety and performance
up a notch. 

For fast, easy, clear communication. There’s no excuse not to use it.

Link Plus™ products are RFID tagged, and can be connected to SafeObject, our advanced asset monitoring with RFID. With SafeObject, information about an asset’s location and use is easy to record and access in real-time via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Link Plus Products are SMART with RFID tagging – Advanced Asset Monitoring Technology 

SafeObject helps companies, large and small, to:

  • Share up-to-date safety instructions for onsite workers
  • Share site warnings and notifications about new hazards with onsite workers 
  • Create and attach time-stamped images for onsite evidence
  • Generate accurate, time-stamped records of location and use of assets
  • Generate service instructions and log actions as they are completed
  • Capture execution times for actions to improve productivity
  • Automatically report on business critical data
  • Deter asset theft

Learn more about SafeObject and its uses.